If your child is still learning their sounds and at the beginning of learning to read, it's really important that they keep practising.   

1. Use any books / magazines / recipe books etc. that you have at home.  Even if your child can't read every word, share the reading together, encouraging them to point out words or sounds they might recognise.  Make sure you really praise them when they spot something.

2. You can access reading scheme books for free online. Levels are colour-coded. If you are not sure what colour level your child should be reading, try a few. Your child should be able to read 90% to 95% of the text (encourage them to say the individual sounds aloud and blend them together for words they can't read fluently). If they need help with more words than this the text is probably too hard for them to understand, and if they can read the whole book without help it is probably too easy to extend them.  Make sure you stop and ask questions as they go - it's really important that you check they understand what they are reading.  You can access school reading scheme books here and here

3.  If you want to purchase an item to help reinforce phonics learning, we highly recommend these flash cards from Carter's Yard.  They link with an app, so you can hear the sounds pronounced correctly.  

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